For us, everything is better when it is shared. 

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About Us.  The “us” before our daughter Lucia Lane arrived, is almost inconceivable now.  Shea and I are extremely blessed - as is so well illustrated in the above video of Lucia sampling grapes from our vineyard. to me, the essence of joy, and really, the essence of life is present here... and that is all the motivation we need.  So watch and turn it up!!

Lucia Lane is our inspiration for, well,  everything ... art, connection, reflection,  and most specifically, the inspiration to share and celebrate with our friends and family.  Our wine, therefore, celebrates Lucia. 

“L L “as we often call her, means “LOVE” in our house.

My wife Shea is a singer, composer, vocal coach, mother, and the one with the discerning palate.  Me, I’m George, I am the farmer.  I prune the vines, repair the water lines and yeah, I get to drive the 1970 Lamborghini tractor around.  Together, we got the wild idea of furthering this living viticultural laboratory of a field blend.  We’ve taken our job seriously  by drinking a lot of other peoples creations...mmmmm! “Hey Shea, wouldn’t it be great if we added a wonderful Montepulciano?” No fooling!   So, do come visit!  Let’s share a bottle...and you can take one home too.

Big Thanks to Kenny Likiptrikong ( and Lynn Wheeler ( HOBO Wine Company, Banyan Wines, Folk Machine, and I.E.Wine.Co.  Kenny and Lynn, (with assistance from their daughters Ida and Edie) advise us, help us collect and crush our harvest, and they nurture our grapes through fermentation, barreling and bottling.  Without them, there would only be grape juice. 

George, Shea, and Lucia

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