Dahlia combines the best of both of our previous vintages and is our most promising result.  This wine pairs beautifully with meats and savory flavors but also delights with a touch of chocolate - pretty much how I finish dinner every night...

Dandelion is the next step towards our vision - full integration of the Zin, Petit Syrah, Montepulciano, and Vermentino Of course with no herbicides or pesticides, dandelions thrive!



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In Rose, more Petite Syrah in the vineyard combined with an earlier harvest creates a smooth, fruit forward, velvety wine with rounder cherry and blackberry tones.  It Drank like a dream, so we drank it...all of it!! 

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Dandelion is the glorious result. By hard work and some luck, the integration of the Italian varietals gets our wine right where we wanted.  Can’t wait for the years to come.