The Project began for us when we purchased our home with a small Vineyard in 2001.  Gene Domenichelli, a master stone mason, first planted this hill with Zinfandel in 1972.  Over the years he supplemented the vineyard with Golden Chasselas, Reisling and a handful of others varietals including Merlot and Pinot Noir.  Today the Chasselas is gone and only a single Reisling remains while our hill has grown in scope and vitality anchored by old vine Zin mixed with Montepulciano,  Petit Syrah,   Vermentino, and a few of the wonderful surprise varietals from yesteryear.

When I began farming I felt a great sense of loyalty to my predecessor and the years he had put into this endeavor.  Basically, I didn’t want to screw it up.  Over time I found peace and value in my work. I adapted a compost tea vertigation system into a dual waterline arrangement (thanks, Tom Gore) to enhance a totally organic fertilization to the individual vines.  I rebuilt the surrounding soil with years and yards of applied organic compost, annual nitrogen fixing from organic cover crops, and minimal interruptions to the ecosystem.  The results have been amazing as the rains have fully articulated the health and wealth of the vineyard with great vigor and quality fruit.  As the sole proprietor, I handle every grape cluster and sample the fruit from each and every vine, so as to create a living blend of fruit that ends up in the wine we drink.

So when you get a chance, contact me or Shea or better yet come visit, take part in our harvest, and lets share the fruit of my labors.                                 


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